VA Advanced Fellowship in Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research (HPEER)

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The VA Advanced Fellowship in Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research provides two years of formal training and mentoring in educational scholarship with a focus on projects within the San Francisco VA.

The goal of the fellowship program is to develop experts to advance healthcare education through practice, inquiry and improvement, with a special focus on program evaluation and educational research.).

Fellows are mentored by faculty members in the UCSF Center for Faculty Educators and by VA clinician educators. Fellows participate in monthly works in progress sessions, journal clubs, table of contents review sessions, and faculty development workshops. 

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Program Options

Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with existing programs in the SFVA that can benefit from assistance with focused evaluation and research projects. Formal training will be provided by UCSF, which consists of three options:

Option 1: Health Professions Education Pathway to Discovery

Fellows may enroll in the Health Professions Education Pathway to Discovery, a year-long program that trains students, residents and fellows to be future leaders, innovators, and scholars.

Option 2: Teaching Scholars Program and Teach for UCSF Certificate Programs

Fellows may enroll in the Teaching Scholars Program, a year-long, half-day-a-week academic program that trains faculty members to be educational leaders, innovators, and scholars. Fellows may also enroll in Teach for UCSF Certificate Programs which include defined educational paths so that individuals can develop the focused teaching skills they choose and receive a certificate in recognition of achievement. The certificate programs can also be an option for fellows who complete the HPE Pathways to Discovery program. Interested faculty and trainees may inquire about the option to pursue an MA degree in education during this fellowship.

Option 3: UCSF - Utrecht University Medical Center

Qualified fellows may enroll in the UCSF's Collaborative Doctoral Program in Health Professions Education with Utrecht University Medical Center (UMC Utrecht). This is an approximately four-year, part-time doctoral program with intense mentoring on educational research. In both programs, fellows will learn about theories of teaching and learning, innovative teaching practices, assessment and evaluation, leadership, research and scholarship, and VA programs and data systems.

National HPEER Program

SFVA is one of eight national HPEER sites offering a deep bench of experienced faculty and mentors within the field of Health Professions Education. Fellows can expect individualized mentorship and career guidance as they progress through fellowship and work on an array of different projects. 

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