Ambulatory Care Training


Providing medical interns with a meaningful introduction to the ambulatory setting is challenging. Our Ambulatory Care Training provides a 3-week continuity immersion experience to improve internal medicine intern satisfaction and confidence with outpatient skills.

Since 2011 our VA has been designated as one of five national Centers of Excellence (COE) in Primary Care Education. This has facilitated a full transformation of all VA internal medicine resident clinics to the patient centered medical home model called PACT (Patient Aligned Care Teams). The PACT model includes dedicated support staff for enhanced chronic care management, supporting coordination of care for complex patients. 

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All VA based UCSF residents participate in an innovative, nationally-recognized curriculum, which includes training in:

  • Inter-professional collaboration
  • Patient-centered communication
  • Shared-decision making
  • Patient safety
  • Continuous quality improvement

Each of these core principles, along with a comprehensive curriculum in outpatient medicine topics are addressed through weekly educational sessions during outpatient months and further reinforced during direct patient care activities.