VA Tele-Primary Care Hub and Virtual PACT

An early pioneer in the implementation of EHRs, the VA continues to innovate on a large scale in the technology sector. Leveraging its integrated system and established PACT model, new Virtual PACTs have launched, headquartered at large, often academic medical centers, providing remote, real-time video care to those with the greatest need.

Based on the model developed at the Boise VA, the SFVA is launching a Tele-Primary Care Hub that leverages the resources of Hub-dedicated primary care providers, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, health coaches, and medical assistants to provide care to our outpatient clinics most in need. VA outpatient clinics in heavily rural Northern California have difficulty with understaffing, particularly with respect to providers, and these Virtual Integrated Multisite Patient Aligned Care Teams (V-IMPACT) are an opportunity for remote care delivery and improved access. The SFVA healthcare system delivered over 2,000 Tele-PC visits in the last year, almost exclusively to heavily rural areas, all in conjunction with UCSF General Internal Medicine Faculty.